Original and Unique, ‘The Cries of the Butterfly – a LOVE STORY’ is a story like nothing you have ever come across.


In success and gain, He was the world’s biggest loser. In defeat and loss, He became the world’s biggest winner…

His name was Wolf Butcher (age 30).

And Wolf Butcher was the world’s most privileged man, with everything any human being could ever ask for. That is until one bright spring morning, when in one cruel stroke, he loses it all – including his beloved daughter.

Unable to cope, and on the brink, he is rescued by two seemingly unrelated strangers: Savannah, a beautiful 29 year old discarded woman; and Robin, a sparkling 8 year old orphan girl being raised in a children’s Home. Wolf desperately needs them both – to survive, to breathe again.

But then Wolf is tossed a cruel and impossible ultimatum by the powers that be – choose one of them! It’s an ultimatum he simply cannot accept. Fatally trapped, with no way out, and with three lives at stake, Wolf is compelled to make a stunning and disturbing decision…a decision that’ll impact not just three lives, but rock the whole nation.

‘THE CRIES OF THE BUTTERFLY – a LOVE STORY’ is a Love Story like no other…like never before. It is an emotionally charged, bitter-sweet Love Pentacle – one man’s five-branched love story…with each limb of equal importance and passion…and conflict.

It’s a heart-wrenching tale of love between Wolf Butcher and Savannah.

And it’s a soul-stirring love story between him and the little girl, Robin.

It is an enriching love story between Wolf and his father, Grant, the all-powerful President of the nation.

And it’s an uplifting tale of love between him and his older brother, Art.

Finally, it’s a compelling love story between Wolf and his best friend, a woman named Rochelle.