“A Brilliant Story of Love…

The Cries of the Butterfly by Rajeev Roy is unexplainable. It is a brilliant piece of work with deep and meaningful characters, dialogue and storylines. … This novel had me in tears sometimes, and grinning at other parts, and trust me, that’s when you know someone has done a good job. I am a bit of a book snob, so I have a little bit of a higher standard. I felt the pain, the struggle, and the decisions. The relationships in this book are heart-warming and inspiring. There is a richness to this story, with love at the very centre. Not just romantic, but platonic, undiluted love. I couldn’t put this book down… A brilliant story of love, tragedy, hope, denial and loss. Really amazing. 5 stars.”

–J. M. Portman, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“A Truly touching Story.

Rajeev Roy has blown me away with this book, ‘The Cries of the Butterfly’. I finished reading it a few days ago, but have not been able to forget about it since. Such a touching overall collection of stories, it’s impossible to stop thinking about. It’s not every day when a novel can come around and truly touch you the way that this one does. What’s so great about this novel is that there are so many different elements to it… A lot of conflict happens in this book, which makes it so interesting. Kudos to Roy for writing a novel that has affected me as deeply as this one has. I give it five stars across the board… I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for us next.”

–Karen Ruggiero, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“A Not To Be Missed Story.

The Cries of the Butterfly is a story of love and tenderness, hate, anger, viciousness, sorrow and grief. Tears will defiantly flow as you read, and at other times you will have a great smile on your face….Due to the skilful writing and the engaging story, your emotions will go through all possible scenarios as you read this book….There are many, many twists and turns during this brilliant story by Rajeev Roy….You will not want to put the book down as it is an absolute page turner….Roy has a wonderful way of bringing the reader into this story of family relationships. You will have to read The Cries of the Butterfly to appreciate all of the intricate moments that are covered in this story….You will remember it for a very long time.”

–Reggie, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“Lots of Twists and Turns and a Ton of Emotion.

The Cries of the Butterfly by Rajeev Roy is many emotionally charged stories rolled into one. Just so that I am clear, there are not many short stories in this book but many story lines told throughout it….This story encompasses just about every emotion that one could feel rolled into one….It has many twists and turns…Each time a new piece rolled out I was surprised. And when I read the ending I was both surprised and saddened….If you are looking for an engaging story that will keep you at the seat of your pants and really make you feel then you should read The Cries of the Butterfly.”

–Robin Perron, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“An Experience, not just a story…

The Cries of the Butterfly by Rajeev Roy had me craving for more. Every time I thought I finally knew where the story was headed there was another twist. Reading this story brought so many emotions. I had moments where I had to laugh and others where I wanted to cry…This novel is an experience rather than a mere story…This novel left me speechless…(kept me) interested throughout the whole novel as well as having an experience that is amazing…”

–Shannon, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“You are in for an Emotional Ride.

If you are looking for an emotionally charged compelling read with lots of twists and turns then The Cries of the Butterfly by Rajeev Roy is a great choice….The thing that was most intriguing about this book was that it goes in many different directions….The story lines about Savannah’s history will make you cry. The ending will make you cry. The connections that unfold as the story moves on will surprise you.”

–Scott, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“This is a book about love. One of the best books about different types of love I have read. This book carried me on an emotional roller coaster….Rajeev Roy is a skilled writer….It is very well written making it easy to follow throughout the entire book….The book has many twists throughout….A great read that kept my attention from the beginning to the end.”

–Curtis Kinnett, 5 Star Review.

“A Book with an Emotional Quotient – In Spades.

A journey filled with the gamut of human emotion that will have readers weeping with both joy and sorrow….The author, Roy, has a delicate, expressive prose…and he’s able to effortlessly engage his readers….For those readers who love books with an emotional quotient, The Cries of the Butterfly provides it in spades.”

–Marta Tandori.

“Wow – I really have no words to describe this (book)…I cried, I smiled, and I laughed throughout this novel. It takes a lot of talent to evoke such strong emotions in a human being, but this one did the trick…a strong emotional tale that you won’t forget…Excellent writing…”

–Veronica, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“Beautiful writing that will send you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion…many twists that I didn’t see coming…”

Chelsey McQuitty, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

 “Dynamic Characterization…”

–Renee Spicuzza, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“The book is filled with plot twist and turns that keeps you gripped page after page…”

–Melissa Robinson, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.


–John J. Staughton, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“Original and complex…the main characters are thoroughly developed and very likable…(an) outcome (that) was impossible to guess in advance…”

–ALineFromABook, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“The best ending I ever have read…”

–John H. Manhold, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“A rich and compelling story…I never knew how this book would end…Roy has a way of showing human nature in pitiable, perfect, and praise-worthy ways – a rare talent for someone who also has the creativity to pen a story like this…”

–Veritas Vincit, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“This engaging story will have you on an emotional roller coaster…you will not want to put the book down as it is an absolute page turner…With amazing writing and emotion, this author’s work will amaze you…”

 –Sierra Klein, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“Rajeev Roy is a skilled writer…a great read (that) kept my attention from the beginning to the end…”

–Hugh Kinnett, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“An inspiring story…the raw emotions jump off the page and you’ll really feel for the characters…the plot twists and turns will engage you right from the beginning. An excellent read!”

–Brian, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“A great read that I wasn’t able to put down once I started. The twists and turns kept you guessing until the very end…”

–Karma, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“Truly a creative in-depth story-line that Roy has masterfully woven upon the page. So captivatingly emotional I couldn’t get enough…With lots of twists and turns and so emotionally charged this book is one novel not to be missed and once read won’t soon be forgotten.”

–Cheri Clay, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“A compelling story…Just when i thought it was about to end, a new twist would appear…It has enough action and mystery for it to actually be two books…The main characters are all likable and well developed. The story continues at a steady pace keeping the interest as you try to figure out will Wolf, Savannah, Robin, Rochelle and Grant find the happiness they ultimately deserve…(For) anyone who loves suspense and drama, this book is filled with it!”

–Beautiful Word, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“(An) Intense ride, unlike anything else!…The plot has so many facets…The characters are intense and add to the furious pace and action throughout the book…”

–Mint Tea, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.

“The story whizzes along…full of twists and turns…”

–Lyndavee, Verified Amazon Reader-Critic.